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26 January 2010 @ 03:37 pm
Random Post Time!!  
It's time for a random post!!
The last post (the one under this) was kind of heavy, and serious. So lets have a post about nothing. (Well. It'll be about something. It'll be about some cool stuff I've found on the internet.)

1. I love love love clothes, I'm a normal woman, it should be expected. I like the classic look, because of its timelessness. I found some really cool pieces that (I think) are timeless.

Alright, most of the stuff I show is from modcloth... (the links beside the pictures, take you to the site page for the actual piece.)

Pic from modcloth <-- I love this dress, it's absolutely brilliant. It's fun, and it's green, and it's casual, and it's the kind of dress that you could twirl in. :P
Pic from modcloth <-- This dress is more formal. It's definitely classic. It's flirty, and sophisticated. And the colour is amazing.
Pic from modcloth
It's a black (Reviewers say it's dark purple. I don't know. It looks black to me.) t-shirt. It's a staple, and you can dress it up, dress it down, go bold with colours or accessories or colourful accessories. It's like that one quintessential piece that everyone needs in their closet.
Pic from modcloth
High-waist Skinny Jeans. Love the skinny's. Don't love that almost all of them are low-rise, and that I have to constantly pull up my jeans because I'm afraid of exposing myself. These take care of the problem of fear of constant exposure, all while being a pair of skinny jeans. :)

Umm .. that's it for clothes. (for now, more in another post, maybe)

2. I found this on etsy. And then I lost it. And then I found it again. And then I bookmarked it because I didn't want to forget it.
What is it. It's a profile/shop that  "... specialize in wire & mixed media jewelry. My pieces are built around historic hardware, vintage buttons, sea glass, and found natural materials, such as shells and stones." -Sojourn Curiosities
Here are a couple of pieces that I love.

All of the necklaces that follow are from a series. (The Passage Necklaces)
(1) (2)
(1) Passage Necklace no. 182
(2) Passage Necklace no. 184

I can't think of anything else to add to this post. I know it's kind of random. And if you've gotten this far. So one more thing won't hurt ...
Thank You for reading my post. :)

-Calypso (aka Caly)